Welcome to Studio 127

Technically, Studio 127 is not new…we’ve been located inside this space since February 2019, and before that we were just down the hall for nine years.

I’ve been painting and hosting parties and creative workshops for a very long time (all the way back to the last century!) For many years the painting parties I hosted were under the name, My Horses Art, because we did “Pony Painting Parties”- we literally painted hundreds of ponies on canvas. Next we morphed into Mixitup.fun, and added lots of types of parties, not just paint on canvas, and added the corporate Team Building party segment, (Corporate Creativity)

When we moved into Studio 127, I knew that this space was special. Maybe it’s the tall windows and the original bricks from this repurposed factory (build in 1801) that makes it feel so warm and inviting, but whatever it is, it just makes me smile every time I open the door.

Art Journaling is another creative practice I have taught for years, and it’s something I am very passionate about. I am excited beyond words to offer several ways to participate in this wonderful way of making art and practicing self-care at the same time through Studio 127.

Personal Art Classes is another offering in Studio 127. I’ve enjoyed teaching people over the years in a one-on-one setting, usually just because someone asked if I would teach. So now I’m making it an official class. It will remain one-on-one, and we’ll focus on a simple achievable goal, like painting a photo or learning to shade…keep it simple and enjoyable.

And finally, Corporate Creativity is what I call “team building”, but it is so much more than that. Working with businesses for over 30 years as a Creative has given me the unique opportunity to bring my artist heart and mind to the corporate world. Innovation is paramount in today’s business world, and that does not happen without creative thinking. My programs are designed to strengthen those creative muscles and build productive and repeatable connections between problem solving and creative ideas.

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