Studio Schedule

Abstract Birds

Abstract Birds

Come in and paint an abstract bird on canvas. Even if you have never painted before, this is something that is fun and simple!

We’ll use more than paint brushes to create abstract birds on canvas.It doesn’t matter if you have zero experience or if you paint often, this class takes a relaxed, creative approach that focuses on your experience with the painting process, not copying someone else’s art. Enjoy being an artist at Lowe Mill for an afternoon!

Altered Book

Altered Book

We meet for 2 hours to transform a chunky board book into a mixed media masterpiece!

Start with a chunky board book (provided for you), and learn creative ways of adding fun layers to the pages to create a unique Art Journal. You can pick a theme for it, and use writing prompts to add yet another layer of interest. No experience is needed and all supplies will be ready for you, including a Creativity Bundle you can take home.

Class is limited to 10 people. Masks are not required if you are vaccinated or have natural immunity.

Feedback from participants:

Q. What aspects of this course were most valuable?

A. “Learning techniques that I, as a non-artist, could use to create something beautiful”

At some point in life many of us have made a Vision Board of some kind. After the last couple of years, I think it’s time for one.

We’ll pick words that inspire and encourage each of us, and gather colors, images and quotes that reflect our own mission and goals. These can be personal or business goals, it’s totally up to you! We’ll put them on canvas boards which will be supplied along with all the materials we’ll need., but of course you are welcome to bring whatever you want to include!

The boards will be 12″ x 12″ flat canvas panels – not too big but not too small.

I cannot wait!

Becoming a mom is a major life transformation! And while it’s wonderful to record all of baby’s firsts…what about mom’s firsts….

This is the class I wish was around when I first became a mom. I look back on all the journals I kept for my son and daughter and am so grateful I took the time to record the first word, first step, first haircut etc. But I never recorded my firsts….and beyond simply recording milestones, there were a lot of emotions that sometimes seemed overwhelming at first. And I also remember the flood of creativity being a mom brought.

This class is to get moms started on an Art Journal, even if they have never done anything like this. An Art Journal can be a place to record your milestones, thoughts, fears, joys, ideas, all through mindful (or mindless if you prefer!) collage and paint. After you take the class, you’ll have what you need to continue your Art Journal…even if you have only 5 minutes to yourself a day(I do remember those days!)

This class includes the 1.5 hour studio time, plus all this to take home:

  • A blank mixed media journal
  • A pack of writing prompts
  • A large Creativity Bundle
  • A small assortment of paints
  • Black and white gel pens
  • Glue stick
You and your date will create a mixed media piece on the same canvas with aper, paint and more. No experience is needed, and it’ll be fun!

We’ll start with a general theme, and then you and your date will work together to pick the colors and start painting and adding layers of papers and other materials to create a masterpiece. No experience is needed, and you’ll have all the guidance you need. It’s the perfect way to spend a Saturday afternoon on Valentine’s Weekend.

Seating is limited to 4 couples.

This is an Open House for Art Journaling – bring your journal and use the studio’s of creative goodies!

Tell your life story in a visual journal. This two hour class will get your started on a rewarding and creative journey that you can share.

This is not a scrap book, and it’s not an auto-biography…it’s something much more interesting! Art Journaling your life story is a wonderful way to record those meaningful moments in your life that goes way beyond a snapshot or just fact recording. You can creatively capture the emotion or meaning using collage. Not only will you have a fascinating book your family will love, but you’ll enjoy the process of creating it.

This course is perfect for beginners or those who are already journaling but would like guidance on the theme, “Your Life Story.” We’ll spend the 2 hour class time learning some quick techniques to help you jump in and start creating pages you will love.

The class includes:

  • Premium blank mixed media journal
  • Guided writing prompts
  • Art Journal Primer
  • Creativity Bundle to keep you going at home.