Art Journaling

art journaling

What is an Art Journal?

It's a book or a journal or a diary. It can be store-bought handmade or a book that you alter. Record memories, observe life, sort out your thoughts, explore your creativity, express your faith, it is completely up to you. One of he many joys of art journaling is that there are no limits. We've all kept a journal or diary at some point in life, and this is the same idea, but instead of using only words, we add colors and textures and papers in collages that can highlight your thoughts or keep them completely private.

Art Journaling Classes

I find that having a theme for an art journal helps me stay focused and find inspiration. I've just added the 2022 classes to the Studio Schedule. And every month there is an Open Studio for Art Journaling, where you just bring your journal and use the studio supplies.

If you are not on our email list, I urge you to join so you'll be the first to know when we add these all to the schedule. All the in-studio and excursion courses are limited in size for now, so they will fill up fast.