Paper Pack – Roses in March


My very creative friend, Shirley has a book containing full size printed sheets of the New York Times from 1932 and generously lent it to me. She said I could tear any sheets out that I wanted. This is one of those rare times where I could NOT tear the pages. So I scanned some of the gorgeously aged sheets and added some flowers and other elements. There are 5 sheets in this set, ready for your art journal or mixed media project. Please use them! Free shipping!

These individual sheets are also available as downloads.


I love antique rose paintings and prints, and couldn’t wait until actual Spring to bring out this design set. The background is more vintage newspapers, and I’ve added these roses from yesteryear, and some lace as well. This pack is printed on warmly tinted paper so when it is cut or torn the edges will not be plain white but a warmer color.

You can also purchase each sheet individually as a downloadable file.