I’ve joined a global art project

My friend Kami gave our little group of friends each a wonderful gift. It’s a small blank sketchbook, which is no ordinary sketchbook. First, it came in this packaging:

Anything I have to open by unwinding red string is magic.

Now I need to pick a theme from their list, though the content can be whatever I like. I’ll have to think about this…but here is the sketchbook with it’s craft cover and perfect rounded edges. Why do I love rounded edges so much?

I’ll let you know what theme I decide on from this list: Go-between, Disconnection, Bizarre, A visual short story of the day we met, Things I’ve left behind, Standstills, Rituals, This one thing… , Stitch & Story, Homonyms, Infinite Sketch, City Streets, Burdens & brushes, Melancholy.