Discovery Day at Zoo Gallery

This is my favorite shop around the Santa Rosa Beach area. It’s next to San Destin, actually. I visited it last week on our trip to Destin and could not make it past the first display without falling in love. Journals and notepads…need I say more?

Eventually I did make it past this glorious display (with only ONE thing in my hand to buy…more on that later). It’s more of a lifestyle store, I would say than just retail items. I really enjoyed the variety of items and the aesthetic overall.

I think they have two locations…this one and then a larger place at Grayton Beach. (A very cool place on the beach between San Destin and Seaside)

A lot of the items are made by local artists, and I think some that are not so local. I enjoyed reading the stories of some of the collections.

Character. That’s what I would say is the overall theme of the Zoo Gallery. Everything in there has character baked in.

And I am a big fan of metal scrap sculpture. I would love to have metal sculptures in my yard…and I think it would be fun to make, if I knew how to weld. I’ll stick to paints.

So here is what I bought, and I’ll tell you what I am doing with it. A bit of back story. I have an art journal I’ve been using since January as a part of a year-long group that features different artists showing you mixed media techniques. I have created many pages in the journal, but since i am trying to be A Good Student I am doing just what they say, and not adding anything else to the pages. The result? I HATE ALL THE PAGES. Well maybe not all of them, but it DOES NOT look like me at all!

Back to my discovery at Zoo Gallery. The notepad has a quote on each page for you to use as you like. I love the feel of the paper and I just love how each page looks. So every morning I tear a page out and put it over one of the existing pages in the Journal I don’t Love. No thinking, no deciding which quote goes on which page. Nope. Just tear out the next page and stick it in the journal. Then I can add some colors or whatever I want to make the page MINE. and the result ? LOVE LOVE LOVE.

I’ll be sharing these starting well, now. On instagram stories, at mystudio127. Would you like to join me? Here’s a sneak peak…it’s not finished yet, but you get the idea. Hope to see you there!

If you want to visit the Zoo Gallery, here is the website

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