Discovering Peach Park 15 Years Later

For years we heard that if you are on your way to the beach you just had to stop at Peach Park. And so one year, while the kids were little, we pulled off at exit 205 (I think it is) and parked at the first peach stand we came to. A small place, with peaches and pottery in the front, and then a little boutique you walked through to get to the ice cream…and hot in the back. So it became our routine to stop on our way home and get some ice cream, maybe peaches or a jar of something peach related.

So a couple of years ago, my husband said, “You know, I don’t think we are stopping at the Peach Park everyone is talking about. So next time we went to the beach, we took a left after the exit and found another peach place. It was much bigger, had ice cream and cobbler and other delicious goodies, AND a park with lots of shade trees and picnic tables to enjoy our ice cream and stretch our legs. It was very nice.

BUT THEN, my husband looked on google maps before this last trip we took to the beach and said, “We still have not found THE Peach Park. This is it;” pointing to the map on his laptop. We were shocked. The REAL Peach Park was literally across the street and from the first one we had been going to for years.


It has a LIGHT HOUSE for goodness sake.

It also has a playground, a lovely walking trail with lots of places to sit and enjoy nature and ice cream, and an ice cream shop, bakery, deli and of course fruit shop. The kids were of course too old to enjoy the TEETER TOTTER, (have not seen one of those in years), or sit on the plastic horse or cow, but we thoroughly enjoyed our treats and walking around.

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