Discovered: Local Flourish

A few weeks ago I was in the studio on a Saturday afternoon, and I had the pleasure of visiting with someone I had not seen in several years. Andrea Wilhelm stopped by and I congratulated her on the business she recently started called, Local Flourish. Andrea is a lovely person and talented designer, so anything she does will be beautiful and thoughtful. She creates gift boxes filled with locally made items and offers a new one each month. No subscription is needed, so you don’t have to commit to a monthly box.

Discovered_Local Flourish

The idea with Local Flourish began in September, 2020. What a year to start a business, right? But she did, and for a very good reason…please take a moment to read her story here. I’m happy to say she is well, flourishing!

I was honored and excited to be invited to participate in her February offering, “The You + Me Box.” I painted wooden coasters to coordinate with the other items in the box, and am including a special certificate to the upcoming paint part “Paint Together.”

Discovered_Local Flourish

I was also very happy to offer the studio as her backdrop for the photoshoot she is using for her marketing and social media. Morgan Knight Photography took the images and they are gorgeous!

You can find the boxes here, but she only makes a few and it’s first come, first serve on the orders…I think it makes a perfect valentine gift!