Discovered: A Winter Wonderland 15 Minutes Away

One of my favorite things about my husband (my valentine for 31 years!) is his sense of adventure and his curiosity about the world. When it snowed this past weekend, even though we only received a light dusting, he had seen some pictures on social media from Monte Sano, so we loaded up the dogs and headed up.

winter wonderland

There was a light fog which just added to the effect of a wintery wonderland. We drove into the park and found a spot where we could get out into the snow. It was just deep enough for Sassy to enjoy without sinking into it.

winter wonderland

Though we expected to see more people up there, other than a few cars parked near a trail, and one group of walkers, it was just us. We also discovered what is possibly the tiniest museum I have ever seen. It was closed, but peeking through the window is all it took to see the entire contents.

winter wonderland
I appreciated the pattern made by snow and brick.

After our snow-seeking adventure, it was nice to jump back into the truck and head home for a big breakfast. It’s amazing how a 15 minute drive from our house took us to a place that felt like it was much further away.

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