Alabama Goods

This store is located in Jones Valley, in the Target shopping center. I stumbled upon it not long ago, and asked if I could take photos. (I always ask because once, years ago, my mom and I were in Wynn Dixie – yes it was that long ago – and she took some photos of a display they had to send to my sister, who lives in Norway. A manager appeared and told us not to take photos anymore. He wasn’t very pleasant.)

Anyway, Alabama Goods ladies did not mind at all!

They have a store in Homewood, Alabama, and opened this Huntsville location right when COVID was starting to shut things down. Thankfully, they survived that awful start! They sell all kinds of things, home accents, gourmet food items, art and other fun things.

You can visit their website – click here – or their Huntsville Facebook page.

Every time we drive through Birmingham my husband has to point out this billboard to our daughter. After MANY years of this, we all wait for him to say it. If the kids are not with us, he takes a picture and sends it to her. It’s their thing.